Lotto Winnings Remain Unclaimed

Lotto WinningThe South African lotto company Gidani requires that any player with a winning ticket must claim their prize within 365 days, giving them a full year to come forward and collect their riches. Yet it’s amazing how often winnings go unclaimed, and sometimes even massive jackpots are simply left untouched because winners don’t check their tickets.

Kept for Future Jackpots
If a winner does not come forward within the year-long cut-off period, Gidani simply keeps the winnings and puts them towards future jackpots, ensuring that others can benefit from someone else’s lack of concern over their potential windfall. At present, in South Africa there are five unclaimed jackpots that are waiting for lucky ticket holders to claim them.
These five ticket holders perhaps do not know that their lives could change in an instant, and the chances are their prizes may never be claimed. For those who purchase lottery tickets on a weekly basis for either the Lotto or the Powerball, checking them is probably second nature, and often when buying a new ticket a player will hand over the old one to be checked by the machine. However, for someone who does not regularly buy a ticket, they are not in the habit of remembering so might be more likely to not check it again or may lose or discard it. These forgotten jackpots could well belong to such players who randomly decided to play, and then may forever remain oblivious to the money they have won.

Big Winnings Remain Unclaimed
Recently a jackpot worth an impressive R30 million reached the end of the 365-day cut-off point by which players need to claim their prizes. Despite the winning ticket being announced to have been bought in a district of Kwa-Zulu Natal, no one came forward to claim it. You can read this story in full at:

There are many sites online now where people can play the lottery without having to buy tickets physically, but many, especially those in rural areas, may purchase a ticket in a city shop and then never return to check if they won. Gidani has requested repeatedly that people check their tickets as the number of huge jackpots that go unclaimed seems to grow every year. Fortunately for many of these winners, they remain unaware of it, and therefore don’t suffer the heartache of knowing what they wasted. There have however been cases overseas where players have found out they held a winning ticket when it was just too late to claim the prize.

For so many ticket holders, winning the lotto is a dream that remains within reach, and when jackpots go unclaimed it is especially hard to imagine why someone would not come forward with the winning ticket. With many massive jackpots still waiting for their owners, it’s fascinating to think that there are millionaires out there who don’t even know it and may never do so.

The FIFA World Cup 2014

images (2)The FIFA world cup 2014 is just a few days to begin. It will be one of the unusual possibilities for the nation to advertise travel and leisure as an incredible number of fans get to not only observe soccer but also discover its wonderful sceneries, plants and wildlife. Brazil has a well-equipped main stadium with a huge potential to afford a large number of people. Other locations are either being designed or renovated in planning for the great occasion. Though there is no much recognizable change, it is amazing that South america will host a large number of guests thanks to the competition.

Talking of the occasion itself several issues are expected especially in respect to transport, health, facilities and protection. To begin with, the wellness and health services are seeking in most public medical centers, healthcare errors are also typical. Research has shown that in Sao Paulo only the wealthiest town in the nation, more than 4,500 medical errors are revealed annually! Transport and facilities is another area that ought to be researched. According to The “nine out of 12 stages of world cup planning are delayed and this will cost more than anticipated” however, professionals are working on this. The higher issue is in regards to transport. The common man in Brazil encounters issues such as overcrowding in trains, buses and other ways of transport. Traffic jam is also typical in most places for personal means; it is common for the cab motorists increase costs to be able to take benefits of such special occasions. Are there actions put in place to control such an exercise and control prices? Moreover, how can a guest or a common resident report any way of misuse or issue and are there professionals to be present at to the particular needs presented? Electricity is not efficient at times. It takes hours for a blackout to be fixed on. Reports are already directing out that it could be a significant problem in this unforgettable occasion and one can already wonder how it will be!

Fighting Weight Loss in Muay Thai Camp

Muay ThaiMany people come to Muay Thai training camps in Thailand to learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing. You will get comfort and satisfy accommodation in Muay Thai training camps. The camps are especially designed for people who want to learn and practice Muay Thai kick boxing as well. Before you practice Muay Thai, you should practice some pre-exercise such as; running, jogging and skipping rope. All pre-exercise is useful to make your body flexible and relax. You can do the exercise at least 5 minutes before Muay Thai class begins. For people who are traveling in Thailand, it is advisable to take a time for Muay Thai training while holiday season . You can read from Bestmuaythai News 2014-05-30.

Lose weight is the most common issue and problem in human health. Every people who suffer from it should make a plan and strategy how to reach it as wee. People can start with making a plan and determine how much weight you want to lose in a day. People can select and avoid some foods and drink that caused weight loses. Muay Thai is excellent exercise to stop weight loss quickly. Muay Thai is the most famous and popular martial art sport in Thailand. This martial art sport can help people who suffer from weight loss to stop their problem as well. Muay Thai develop arms, elbow, knees and feet muscle. It is good way to develop strong body and flexibility. When you practice Muay Thai, you should practice some exercise such as; running, jogging, rope skipping and stretching at least 10 minutes before Muay Thai class. Every student who learns and practice Muay Thai should practice this exercise on regular basis. In one week, it is possible for you to burn calories up to 1,000 calories and reduce at least 100 pound of weight.

Muay Thai is able to build strong stamina, lose more pounds in human body, increase self esteem, and increase self defense and self confidence. Muay Thai is the most popular martial art sport in Thailand . Most people in the world well know this martial art sport. Muay Thai is powerful exercise that strain muscle of arms, elbow, knees and feet in fighting movement. Muay Thai is safe and clean for every people. If you do Muay Thai on regular basis, it can help you to build strong body, flexibility and burn a lot of calories in the body. Don’t waste time, it is time to fight weight loss and change the body physical appearance with Muay Thai kick boxing. Please visit and enjoy Muay Thai traning camp guidelines.

Flexible PVC For Sporting Goods

images (22)When you walk through a sports good shop, you probably don’t think about the technology behind the items on display in front of you. If you did, one content in particular would take a position out: flexible PVC. The Poly Vinyl Chloride, flexible PVC is used in a variety of customer items, in particular those in the sports goods classification. As points out, PVC is one of the most commonly used plastic materials in the world and six percent or more of the content is used in the consumer type of items. Some of the actual qualities of PVC that create it such a flexible product are:

PVC has high mechanical and chemical stability.
PVC have fireproof abilities.
PVC is resilient.
PVC resists oil and substances.
PVC can be shaped and molded.
In the sports goods world, the strength and the mold-ability of the content are most suitable. More specifically, the flexible PVC that is used in sports shoes needs that it be established into a form that suits the foot. As for sports equipment’s, most items are revealed to a lot of actual stress. PVC is so resilient, it can endure all of the impact it gets. When you put on a new couple of sporting shoes, there is a good possibility that the bottoms and uppers are made of flexible PVC. PVC as a shoes content is a cost-effective alternative to leather but it also allows for “innovative styles through its potential to be formed into a shape,” as tells out. Shoes, like those used for running and on basketball court, also create comprehensive use of flexible PVC to provide shock absorbency, support and strength in challenging use surroundings.” Next time you are in the sports goods shop trying on new shoes, take a close look at the brand.

Want To Experience The Thrills Of A Pro Game In Real Time? Try Online Fantasy Sports!

As anyone who’s ever been involved in a true fantasy league is aware, participating in any season-long fantasy sports league involves some serious commitment from everyone involved. In order to succeed you need to do ample research before the season even begins in order to evaluate specific players’ health and to determine their individual projections in categories that count the most in your league. You also need to keep a very close eye on each player throughout the entire season to determine if one of your stars is mired in a slump or is getting a day off – either of which can have a big impact on a crucial game in your league. If your biggest name suffers an injury all of that research can go out the window, especially if you can’t make a trade or pick up a quality replacement in free agency.

If you’ve gotten a little tired of the long haul that is traditional fantasy sports, you should strongly consider giving online fantasy sports a try. This route opens up entirely new avenues of game play in all of your favorite sports – and the best part is, you don’t have to commit to an entire season to have fun or win money. Leagues like Fantasy Feud, one of the most popular online fantasy sports leagues, feature options for people at all kinds of different levels of play and commitment, from those who’re interested in season-long leagues but want to hand over the organizational aspects of putting together a league full of friends and coworkers to someone else, to those who may be interested in month-, week- or even simply day-long fantasy leagues where they can hone their skills and show off their know-how without making a huge, life-consuming commitment out of their participation.

Online fantasy sports gives you the opportunity to play all your favorite sports. You can dabble in the NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball without having to invest a great deal of time or a great deal of money in order to garner a nice return. You can use Lebron James and Russell Westbrook one night to earn some coin in a basketball league and then follow up the very next day to pick up some cash with Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller in an NHL contest.

Online fantasy sports lets you participate in your favorite pastime in a manner that is perfectly suited to your tastes. You can play in daily, weekly or season long leagues – the length of time you play in any given sport is entirely up to you and you can collect your winnings whenever you want, you don’t have to wait until a full season comes to a close. Another unique advantage of this style of play is that you can get live scoring updates right on the website. When you stop by a top rated website like Fantasy Feud, they are conscientious in the frequency with which they update their stats and player information, which means that you don’t have to hit the local sports bar to try and watch six TVs at once to know how the players in your games are doing. You can watch your favorite team play at home or at the bar and catch live updates as to how your players and team are stacking up against the competition right on the website on your computer or phone. If you want to maximize the excitement, enjoyment and earning potential of your fantasy sports play, it might be time for you to take your efforts online.